Ultimate Squeeze (5 Pack)


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1 x Squeeze Big Shot, 1 x Squeeze XL, 1 x Squeeze Mini & 2 x Squeeze Originals 

The Standard Squeeze is the perfect gift Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Mates and Work Colleagues. Grab the Ultimate Squeeze pack and have a last minute present always ready and waiting the cupboard for those times you’re running low on time but in need of a gift to give. Or have a Squeeze for every possible occasion – Huge Saving. 

Simply pour the spirit of your choice into our durable plastic container, Squeeze to fill the 30ml chamber and serve with your mixer of choice. 🥃

Forget about buying expensive premixed drinks and don’t worry about breaking glass bottles. Fill The Standard Squeeze with what ever liquid you like, throw it in your esky or bag and take to a friends BBQ or go camping! 🏕

Don’t drink and drive, take the guess work out and and know how much you have had to drink its simple…

Squeeze, Fill, 30ml!

The Standard Squeeze Original has as 700ml capacity fully loaded.

The Standard Squeeze XL has a 1000ml (1L) capacity full loaded.

The Standard Squeeze Mini has 360ml capacity fully loaded (12 standard drinks) and fits into a suit jacket pocket or hand bag with ease.

The Standard Squeeze Wine has a 1000ml (1L) capacity and features a 100ml chamber that measures approximately 1 standard glass of wine, take the guess work out.🥂

Wash and reuse again again and again. 🧼  ♻️ 💧

Go on… Have a Squeeze

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Dimensions 23.5 × 14 × 6.5 cm