Mother’s Day Trip

In the few days leading up to Mother’s Day it had been raining and we were all thinking of our plan B for Sunday.

We woke up on Mother’s Day the rain had stopped the preparation had begun, food and all our daily needs to make this day what it was supposed to be WINE!!

We met up with the other group of people around 9am and set off from Wamuran area out through Woodford, and turned right onto Stoney Creek Road followed the road until we got to the Mill which was our first stop over for Coffee, cake, quiches and for the little fella to have a run around.

The day seemed pretty gloomy while driving through fog but it was lovely different scenery, we set off on our Journey through BellThorpe onto the dirt tracks that were quite muddy and slippery, and few dirt roads closed we then had to change our route and go through Kilcoy Mt Road to get to our final destination for lunch Peach Trees

.To my wife it seemed like we just went around in circles to get there, but without knowing road closures before you get to places, your route sometimes has to change paths along the way.

Peach Trees is a wonderful flat and grassed camping area, they provide clean toilets, fire pits (so bring along your wood,) a nice circular walking track (roughly 10min walk) around the area to see the place. They have just created stairs to be able to get to the waters edge. The day we were there we managed to see platypus swimming around.

We took advantage of the Fire pit and ate our pre planned lunch. We set off on our way back to Wamuran only to find the next day was not going to be as fun, cleaning the vehicle.

And we will be returning to Peach Trees to take more advantage of the Winter camping we have so close by its great for the kids.mothers day 1 mothers day 2 mothers day 3 mothers day 4mothers day


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